The Grove

Finalist Concept Proposal

Ditroën was one of four artists selected to present a concept proposal to the Davis Technical College Allied Health Building. We conceived a series of sculptural elements called The Grove, located in the main lobby which is a central point of arrival. This is where students, staff, and visitors congregate regularly. Inspired by the architecture, the wood wall, the natural light provided by skylights from above and the staircase, the lobby presents a metaphorical progression to the next level of the student’s journey. 

Inspired by these three themes; nature, the student’s journey and their curriculum of study. The Grove is an invitation for students, staff and visitors alike to explore, discover and be inspired by nature, seeing deeper, observing, recognizing patterns, and making connections. It is a scientific and emotive dive into the natural world including our own human body by depicting its beauty, complexity, hidden symmetry and kinship through illumination, and transparency.