RTD G Line Windscreens


Denver Colorado's G-Line is an 11.2-mile electric commuter rail transit line connecting downtown Union Station to Wheat Ridge, passing through northwest Denver, Adams County and the city of Arvada.  Ditroën was selected by the Regional Transportation District to create a series of custom windscreen designs for each of the shelters at the eight stations along the line. It is scheduled to open to the public in 2017.

The final design is comprised of 60 individual laser cut metal and laminated glass panels. Each station's design tells a unique story about gold as the influencer of thought, culture and the formation of the Denver area.  

Gold has always held sway over our earthly decisions and motivations, whether in the formation of a solar system, the precursor of war or the formation of cities and societies. The lure of gold is transcendent in its ability to set off expeditions, explorations, the 49er gold rush, the gold rush of the Rockies and even today. It has a remarkable role in the formation of cities, societies, fictional myths and stories, and real-life histories. Each station presents a unique perspective on the influence of gold. From both a broad cultural perspective and as it relates to the station's specific locale. 



Regional Transportation District (Denver)


concept, design and installation


Leslee Dillon (copywriter)

Terry Tebeau (3D Designer)

Scott Tebeau (Installation)


Juno Lachman, Juno Architectural Glass

Advance Metal and Wire Products


Scott Tebeau