The Oculus Series

Oculus_Pringle Park Triptych.jpg

Finalist Proposal

Ditroën was one of three artists selected to present a concept proposal to the City of Salem for a sculpture piece commemorating the Oregon Bottle Bill. We envisioned The Oculus Series, which is about seeing and vision. The First Oculus in the series, “Growing Problem,” metaphorically recreates a pre-1971 littered landscape, with a horizon filled with glass cullet. Overlaying this primary visual is a depiction of how the Bottle Bill came into existence. The Second Oculus, “Stewardship,” represents the physical aspects and outcomes of the Bottle Bill portrayed as the viewer sees themselves reflected in the solution. The story here focuses on the extraordinary efforts people undertook to make this a reality. In the final Third Oculus, “Optimism,” a symbolic iris looks out to a beautiful landscape, the tangible result of the Bottle Bill’s influence. Here we present a story of future possibilities and leave the viewer inspired by this story of change and perseverance.


The City of Salem


concept proposal


Leslee Dillon (copywriter)


Michael Gregg/AtomicSky (3D Render)