The Art of Moving

Tasked with the objective of updating Prometheus Real Estate Group's model apartment interior program we imagined something greater.

"The Art of Moving" concept extends beyond the four walls to help lease apartments in a sophisticated and brand-reflective way. Connecting with and reflecting a pivotal moment for the audience, the concept inspires and supports opportunities for authentic dialogue and opens a window into the Prometheus way of being.

"Where the daunting meets the playful, and an experiential art exhibit takes the place of the industry’s standard model apartment." Moving is the magic of new beginnings, the start of a journey towards a new stage in life. Depicting the metaphorical move in progress, this is not the typical chaos and arduous process we have come to expect. This move is beauty and chaos intertwined with a feeling of Zen tranquility.  We are excited to see it come to fruition. Rolling out at select Prometheus Neighborhoods in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest.


Prometheus Real Estate Group


concept, design, custom components and rollout strategy


Dru Ueltschi (Design)

Haven Anderson (Copywriter)