Fox Tower

Umpqua Fox Tower

Umpqua Fox Tower

The Fox Tower store, the latest expression of Umpqua’s bank store model, designed to celebrate and showcase what makes Portland unique. The 2,782-square-foot branch features community and flexible meeting spaces for customers as well as a large interactive wall of mobile apps recommended by staff and a small library for a more analog experience. Customers are invited to savor Umpqua's signature coffee or Smith Tea and even a cookie or two while perusing a rotating retail offering from some of Portland's most compelling local businesses.


Umpqua Bank


space planning, experiential graphics and branded components, furniture and retail displays, wayfinding, signage


Leslee Dillon (copywriter)

Terry Tebeau (3D Design/Detailing)

Chad Evans (design production)


Juno Architectural Glass (Glass)


Aaron Leitz (Photographer)

Steve Bloch (Photographer)