Face Your Finances


Umpqua Bank has over 331 locations in both urban and rural areas throughout several western states. Over the years, Umpqua has invested a lot of brand equity in being welcoming as well as an advocate for the needs of the customer. Intent on delivering the core brand principles of “make me smarter,” “make me better” and “look out for me.”

The purpose of the 2016 campaign is to create an icebreaker and invite customers to have a one-on-one conversation about their financials. Coming right out and talking about money with a stranger or even someone you don’t know well is awkward.

Further, while a customer might trust Umpqua as a bank to handle their accounts, that trust does not necessarily extend to financial money management. Personal and small business customers are naturally skeptical of talking about their finances with someone they don’t know and haven’t come to trust. In a recent poll, 70% said they felt better after having a conversation with a financial expert about their personal and business financial health. Umpqua’s goal is to build trust as well as sell more products.

We decided to approach awkward moment head on and address the 800lb elephant in the room everyone is avoiding.

Avoidance: a transformational experience.



It is a bit comical what we go through to avoid things that are good for us. It’s like refusing to eat brussels sprouts or kale because of an unpleasant memory. Your stomach turns at the idea, but when prepared in just the right way, your childhood nemesis becomes a treasured comfort dish. The same thing goes for talking about your finances. No one understands that better than Umpqua. We’re here for you as you transition from avoidance to acceptance to empowerment.


The only thing worse than having a conversation about your finances is not having one.

The unknown is far more disconcerting than the known.


When it comes to feeling awkward about having a conversation with Umpqua about your finances, you are not alone. Nearly everyone finds the subject uncomfortable. And yet, once you have a frank discussion about your money, you’ll feel better. Chances are, you’re doing a lot of things right. But there are always more efficient, more beneficial ways to manage your finances and plan for the future.


The campaign opens with visual plays off avoidance juxtaposed with a confident, assuring and empowering voice beckoning you to face your fears and feel fantastic and informed in the process.


Face your finances
Having a conversation about your finances is far less uncomfortable than not having one.

Change hesitation into happy
Hey; we get it. Talking about your finances is personal. Knowing you’re on the right path or making slight adjustments can make all the difference. Step up and ask to have a conversation. We applaud your bravery.


concept, design intent, photography art direction, copywriting


Leslee Dillion (copywriter)

Chad Evans (Designer)

Gilda Meza (Designer)


Rafael Astorga


Forge Graphic Works (Production/Installation)