Hotel Deluxe


During the renovation of what became Hotel DeLuxe, developer Provenance Hotels and Interior Designer David Hill came to us looking for ways to integrate the brand identity with the guest experience. The original Mallory Hotel, built was 1912 with architecture that harkens back to a more elegant, glamorous era. The new interior was designed to embrace old Hollywood grandeur, with an updated décor featuring more than 400 still images from films made from 1930 to 1950. Responsible for thematic development, we subtly employed the architectural graphics to embed the hotel identity within the environment. At each floor, motion-sensing mirrors greet guests like personal door attendants and have a backlit narrative that highlights the stories of the movie director after which each floor is themed.


Provenance Hotels


wayfinding and signage, experiential graphics, brand identity, collateral


Nick Thomas (Design)

Tessa Papas (Art Curator)