Martel Wealth Advisors

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The serene setting and extraordinary sight lines of the project’s location on the bank of the Columbia River presented our team of interior and experiential designers with the potent metaphor of a waterway journey. The new 5,000-square-foot facility, which opened in October 2009, was conceived not only as a place of business but as a gathering place.  The site allowed Martel Wealth Advisors to maintain its high level of client service, expand its team and connect with community. Ditroën partnered with renowned Portland-based, interior designers, CorsoStaicoff. 

The space is platted as a park-like experience, capturing the ever-changing views of the river and minimizing the separation between interior and exterior landscapes. A sense of exploration is evoked by walks within the space and key thematic elements programmed throughout, such as the dramatic backlit art glass wall, graphically depicting a bird’s eye view of the river.

The designers utilized full-height glass partitions to allow natural light to flood the offices. Circulation created by the perimeter hallways, which widen at the turns, dramatizes views and equalizes access to the river. The experience of a journey is furthered by sequentially illuminated inspirational messaging in the restrooms encouraging the pursuit of dreams, and a corridor commemorating client milestones.


Martel Wealth Advisors


branding, identity, space planning, and experiential graphics


Nick Thomas (3D Design)

Studio Staicoff (Interior Design)


Moon Shadow Glass