HomeRoom is a small, family-owned apartment building in Southeast Portland. Located across the street from Revolution Hall, the reimagined historic Washington High School. We chose to connect the building’s identity thematically to this adjacent community space. HomeRoom evokes a sense of community, connection and nurturing without the teenage angst.

Unique from the series of big box apartments proliferating the Portland landscape, HomeRoom has an intimate communal feel. The client's Danish heritage is expressed through a sense of Hygge (cozy, safe and known). The interior spaces and apartments have a generous allotment of oversized windows to allow the greatest amount of natural light and fresh air in the sometimes wet and dreary Portland environment. The interior finishes and palette are warm, natural and simple with a nod to the Pacific Northwest natural landscape.


Blindheim Limited Partnership


branding and identity


Chad Evans (Design)

Leslee Dillon (Copywriter)