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Founded in 2003, Ditroën is a small art and design studio located in Portland, Oregon. Our work utilizes multiple disciplines to create specialized environments. Rooted in craft, informed by design and a unique understanding of communication, we are storytellers at heart. The single idea that every space presents an opportunity for engagement inspires and guides our approach. Each discipline plays an important role in connecting audiences to spaces in unexpected and relevant ways. Our goal is to spark the imagination and give the viewer something they can immerse themselves in beyond casual observation. 

Our process is rooted in research. We endeavor to understand our subjects intimately and look to manifest each environment’s story in unexpected ways. To accomplish this, we have built a practice that utilizes unique talent based in collaboration. Rather than relying on a set material palette or process, we integrate different skill-sets and processes as appropriate to each project. We are always learning and forging strategic relationships. This constant infusion of energy and diversity reflects itself in our work. 

Ditroen is a certified Minority and Woman-owned Business.